Because Accidents Happen!
Meout Urine Stain Neutralizer is a tannin stain remover formulated to reverse/prevent damage and staining caused by pet urine, high alkalinity shampoos, water damage and stains caused by beverages such as coffee, tea and wine. Synergistic Performance - Unique combination of oxide reducing agents and pH neutralizers combine to reverse damage caused by high alkaline conditions produced when urine degrades to form ammonia. Fabric Safe - Contains no chlorine bleach or harsh alkaline cleaners. Uses oxygen and a safe naturally occuring pH neutralizer to restore carpet and fabric color. Safe for use on all carpet fibers including wool. Environmentally Safe - All components are completely biodegradable Ph Stabilizer - Restores carpet to the correct pH increasing the ionic driving force that bonds carpet dye molecules to the carpet fiber. Use to stabilize dyes and prevent color bleeding. Broad Spectrum Stain Remover - Use to remove lignin (brown-out) pigments found in coffee, tea, wine and plant fibers. Neutralizes Detergent Residue - Helps carpet stay clean longer by neutralizing shampoo residues that attracts dirt and starts re-soiling. Restores softness to carpet when used as a neutralizing rinse. Versatile - Can be used as a tannin stain remover, or pH neutralizing carpet rinse. Easy-To-Use - Simply apply directly to stain, allow 3-5 minutes dwell time and blot with absorbent toweling. Pleasing Fragrance - No strong acid odors or obnoxious fumes. Pleasantly scented. Convenient Packaging - Available in quart bottles easy to handle quart bottles.