Because Accidents Happen!

Dear Kleenco,


I just had to write and thank you for the miracle product [Meout Urine Stain Neutralizer], that you recommended and sold to me. I own an elderly diabetic cat who has a tendency to throw up his food quite often and leaves terrible yellow stains on my off-white carpet. I had tried everything, Woolite carpet cleaner, Resolve, Quick and Brite, Chem-Dry, Rug Doctor Pet Stain Remover, Nature’s Miracle, and Equalizer Pet Stain Remover and all failed to remove the stain completely. I then resorted to having who I considered the best professional carpet cleaning company come and tackle the situation. Still the stains remained, and even looked worse, because now the rest of my carpet was exceptionally clean and made the stains stand out. When I came to your company for another product, I asked if you had anything to solve the yellow pet stains. You recommended [Meout Urine Stain Neutralizer], and I have to admit I was skeptical, but I’m a believer now! I sprayed [Meout Urine Stain Neutralizer] on all the yellow stains and watched them disappear before my eyes. Then I sprayed it on a two-year old yellow stain that I had felt was a hopeless case, and again it disappeared right before my eyes. It also zapped a coffee mocha stain on my living room. I am trying to sell my house and have felt that the pet stains on the carpet were a great determent to any potential buyer. I was becoming more and more stressed with each new stain. Your company and your marvelous product, [Meout Urine Stain Neutralizer] have erased the stains and my stress! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!



J. Jane J




Dear Kleenco,


I had yellow pee stains on my off-white carpets that were over a year old (my daughter had moved back home for a while with her naughty little dog). I had tried several things already but was willing to try Pet Out. I want you to know that Pet Out removed every stain; except the one spot I had tried to ‘bleach’ out. R.J., WA ,