Because Accidents Happen!



Meout Malodor Counteractant is a concentrated odor neutralizer that works to permanently remove odors from all sources. A true odor neutralizer not a cover up. Works within 15 seconds. Faster than enzymes. Deodorize the entire home in minutes. Your guests and relatives won't even know you have a cat until you introduce them. Permanent. More permanent than a fabric refresher. Use it once and the odor is gone. Save the time and money spent on professional cleaning. Eliminates scent marking, inappropriate non-spraying urination and odor caused litter box aversion. Covers the entire behavioral life cycle of your pet... New Kitten Problems - Eliminate accidental odors and successfully train your new kitten. Adult Cat Problems - Save your carpets and furniture. Destroy spray odors and eliminate territorial marking. The Neighbor's Tom Cat - Use it in your flower beds and Tom won't think he owns your garden. The Perfect Cat - Even if you have the perfect cat, accidents happen. Be ready for them and keep your kitty and family happy. The Litter Box - Keep your cat using his box. A quick spray after emptying the litter box will keep his potty fresh. Concentrated - Cats love a clean home. Show them you care by deodorizing their bedding. Simply add a few ounces of concentrate to the washing machine when you clean their bedding. Safe - Use it on any water washable surface. Versatile - Dilute with water and use it as a spray to destroy airborne odors. Use it in mop or wash water to control surface odors. Use it in carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning solutions to banish pet odors. Use in laundry to deodorize linens and clothing. Pleasantly Scented - Fresh pleasing fragrance. Convenient Packaging - Available in east-to-use, recyclable quart bottles and one gallon economy refills.

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