Because Accidents Happen!
Recommended for removing stains caused by urine, feces and vomit. Completely natural and 100% biodegradable stain remover. Manufactured using the latest recombinant DNA technology producing an ultra-pure, highly effective stain remover. Cultured from non-pathogenic soil microbes selected to provide complete removal of stains and the odors they cause such as feces, blood, vomit, food stains and other organic soils. • Amylase – Incorporated to remove starch containing stains, e.g. from pasta, chocolate, gravy and baby food. This enzyme hydrolyzes gelatinized starch rapidly breaking it down into water-soluble molecules which then are completely removed by microbial action. Even tenacious stains release their grip from all types of fabric and carpet textiles. It’s also effective in removing glue like build-ups of stains and soils from hard surfaces. • Cellulase – Added to enhance the hand (softness) of fabric and carpet textiles. Eliminates the stiffness associated with harsh cleaning products and techniques. • Lipase – Used to remove fat-containing stains such as those resulting from frying fats, salad oils, butter, fat-based sauces, soups, human sebum and certain cosmetics such as lipstick. Promotes rapid hydrolysis of a wide variety of triglycerides. • Protease – Selected for its ability to remove protein-based stains, e.g. grass, blood, mucus, feces and various foods such as egg and gravy. Rapid hydrolyzing activity dissolves peptide bonds within protein molecules so concentrated nonpathogenic bacteria can safely digest them. • Stable – Active over a wide pH and temperature range (5.0- 9.8) (38ºF-145ºF). • Accelerated Enzymatic Degradation – Works to remove organic stains faster and more effectively. • Superior Germination and Outgrowth – Results in increased bacterial activity insuring complete stain removal. •Versatile - Specifically formulated as a spot area cleaner. Effective in the removal of organics from carpets, upholstery, draperies, car seats, etc. Removes both old and new stains and soils. •Completely Natural - Uses the secrets of nature for a cleaner, fresher environment by eliminating all residual organics.

Enzyme Stain